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Vigilance, Guidance & Common Sense

Our firm offers a variety of services that we tailor to your needs. We understand that you come to us with a unique set of concerns and needs, and we’re confident that we can give each individual the care and assistance they require.

By instilling a sense of trust in our firm’s process, as well as our skilled team, we deliver a standard of quality and excellence that’s difficult to match.

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Integrated Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive assessment of your goals, situation and risk tolerance
  • An opinion on what we consider to be the strengths and weaknesses in your current plan
  • Advice on allocating your investment assets for specific goals
  • Investments we believe to be effective, low cost and tax efficient
  • Ongoing investment management and progress reporting
  • Scheduled reviews to keep pace with your situation
  • Account aggregation tools to provide one-stop access to all your accounts
  • Coordination with your other advisors

Retirement Services

  • Integrated planning of all your retirement assets including employer plans, IRAs, Social Security and pensions
  • Employer rollover accounts
  • Traditional and Roth IRA accounts
  • Required minimum distribution services through your account custodian
  • Employer retirement plans


  • Discretionary and non-discretionary investment management
  • Portfolio design and implementation
  • Investments we believe to be low cost and tax efficient
  • Portfolio rebalancing

Cash Management

  • Investment options for your cash and near cash reserves
  • Automated funds transfer service through your account custodian
  • Tools to improve awareness of your current cash-flow
  • Prioritizing and funding your financial goals
  • Determining an appropriate cash reserve for your circumstance

Education Planning

  • Determining total cost of education goals
  • Factoring in other educational benefits (grants, scholarships, GI Bill, etc…)
  • Access to 529 College Savings Plan
  • Education Savings Accounts
  • Gifts and transfers to minors accounts

Survivor and Asset Protection

  • Survivor benefit planning
  • Role of pensions, social security and investments
  • Life insurance requirements, long-term care and disability needs

Estate Plan Coordination

  • We will collaborate with outside attorneys on your estate plan
  • Coordinate account beneficiaries with your estate plan
  • Gifting strategies while alive, legacy planning at death

Tax Plan Coordination

  • Collaboration with your accountant
  • Tax-sensitive investing
  • Tax loss harvesting and carry-forward losses